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“Risking a catastrophe”?

Friday, 26 October 2007

The fat sack of crap planning to shoot up a school (he was home-schooled) was charged with crimes including “risking a catastrophe” which sounds like something out of a WB cartoon.

I understand the need to inflict revenge on bullies, but StayPuft here was only 14…he hasn’t been alive long enough to be bullied to any kind of breaking point.

Bullying is an emotional state rather than a person, and everyone is or has been a bully to someone, somewhere. Businesses, religions, “civil” institutions, even countries have all been bullies at one time or another. For most people, bullying, as opposed to being bullied, is a phase “cured” by being taught it’s wrong via cultural transmission in the form of knowledge or in the case of islamofascists, getting their collective ass kicked by superior force.

Still, it’s human nature that when someone bends over long enough, it seems almost justified to kick them in the ass (a kick if they’re lucky, especially in prison) as a lesson or for entertainment.

It takes real strength not to pass along such cruelty from others.

Fatass’s idiot mother was helping him amass his arsenal. So much for parental guidance. She should’ve paid for him to get some martial arts lessons and a gym membership. Now he’s screwed for sure and his supposed tormentors won’t even remember him a year from now.

Karma takes care of bullies (eventually). Your job in the meantime is to endure the unendurable.