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The federal mafia sez: “Let’s give them a taste of the action.”

Friday, 14 March 2008

You’d think no one would complain about a money “gift” being mailed later this year from the happy assholes in DC. The payola is supposed to “stimulate the economy” but, like the weather, the economy is too large a system to even take notice.

You might as well aim a table fan out your window to move clouds.

If this kind of trick ever worked, it would be done all the time. But it’s never worked and never will.

Just how grateful are you that the fed-thugs who take “protection” money in the guise of taxes are throwing you a few coins back?

The really radical idea–letting people keep more of what they earn–displeases the federal mafia: not only are they cheated out of spending what’s not theirs, they can’t waste money by the very the act of taking the money!* “Where’s OUR cut?” is the first thing Big Guv ask every time an entity anywhere turns a large profit.

When you get your bribe check, the DC Dons advise you to spend it right away. It’s like they know people don’t save anything; they’re especially counting on the poor to blow their wad immediately.

I’m ashamed and embarrassed for the USA that it’s come to this.

Half of “my” check has to go right back to those fucks in the form of taxes, and more ironically, the checks themselves will be taxable.

Fuck the federal mafia sideways with no lube. They do it to you. Every day.

* Or in this special case, wasting money before doling it out:  the IRS-holes cost us all 41 million dollars to mail every taxpayer a letter saying they were going to send these checks when for the past several months news of the payoff was repeatedly covered by the media as well as Bush/Congress in multiple announcements. The redundant dopes could’ve sent the same useless letter with the actual checks.