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Cake beats steroids like paper covers rock

Thursday, 1 November 2007

I keep seeing “hits” for my few posts about Androgel, a prescribed low-dose topical testosterone. I’m awaiting the results of the latest blood test, since the readings are thrown off for anyone even a slight bit overweight. I don’t expect to be diagnosed with low “T”.

I’ve learned since that Androgel isn’t worth a damn for bodybuilding anyway, the dosages are pathetically small.

Other problems abound.

The body adapts to the influx of T. When you first start taking Androgel there might be a surge of some kind, but in order to see real muscle gains T levels would have to keep rising and we all know regular prescriptions don’t rise like that. And like I wrote before somewhere around here, ‘roid hulks inject 200 times the normal amount of T per week. You’d have to fill a bathtub with Androgel to even come close to that.

With T from an outside source, the body stops making its own, which makes you totally dependent on a chemical your body makes for free; no good unless you really need it.

Scariest of all, testosterone aromatizes into estrogen…the hardcore hulks at the gym that know better take massive doses of estrogen-blockers on top of the ‘roids…very hard on the liver.

I hope no one’s coming here seeking health advice, I have none with the exception of “eat right and exercise.”

Personally, BFL aka Body-For-Life has yielded results for me, its effectiveness limited only by my love of Swiss cheese and cake.

Bruce Banner gives up (for now)

Sunday, 14 October 2007

My “experiment”with Androgel, using small-dose gel packs, was halted two days ago, after I saw the endocrine doc.  He’s a hell of a nice guy and beyond even Jeopardy-smart.

 Here’s what he said.

“There are two types of testoserone.  Total testosterone is bound to plasma proteins, and in people who are even a little bit overweight, that total testosterone will go down because the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is decreased.”

(I don’t know what he’s talking about exactly…but I understand the implications…read on…)

“If free testosterone (level) is normal, giving testosterone would not be a good thing because your body can aromatize it to estrogen.”

That’s all I had to hear to quit.  Only now am I learning more about steroids.  I don’t plan to use any that aren’t legal, but if that bitch Mother Nature is short-changing me, I want my due of testosterone. 

Hope this information helps someone who didn’t know it before.  Behold the power of internets! 

I’m Bruce Banner!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I acquired a supply of topical testosterone gel. The individual gel packs are a very low dose, only 5mg. However, the male body produces only 7-10mg per day, and I have tested low.

Intarweb info is worthless but at least it’s varied:

Hardcore bodybulders deem the gel ineffective for serious gains. These goons inject anabolic steroids in their butts, at least 33mg a day.

The gel is not good long term because it shuts down natural testosterone production.

Gel can (possibly) “enhance skeletal muscle mass by stimulating the muscle protein synthesis rate”.

My conclusion–at this juncture–is WTF, go ahead and try it. If anything, it will “keep me honest” and working out every day. I’m seeing my own doc in a few days (the one who ran the test-o-tests) so if he discommends any testosterone replacement (or in this case, a return to normal levels, what nature OWES me) then I’ll certainly stop.

For now I’ve got a small window to test results.