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Connie Schultz, white female version of The Giggler

Saturday, 22 September 2012

I don’t like her her crazy eyes.

I don’t like her douchebag taxocrat husband, who invoked Godwin’s Law on the Senate floor.

Her sentimental drivel in PARADE magazine is a dull spoon.

Normally I just roll with it—-like reading Marmaduke as a knee-jerk reflex when I know it will create absolutely no mirth at all—-but this column stuck in my craw. I understand not liking Mitt Romney, I recognize the right to vote against him, but I HATE intellectual dishonesty, and painting Romney as a callous buffoon who has “written off” 47% of the nation is dishonest.

The column romanticizes the hard work of the wait staff, which is self-defeating, because Romney wasn’t talking about people who work hard.

I ask you also to consider what it must have felt like to be a server in that room. Imagine what it must have felt like to be those hourly wage earners listening to a presidential candidate depict them as lazy. Now multiply them by millions.

Schultz knows Romney isn’t talking about hourly wage earners; he wasn’t referring to retirees living on Social Security or people collecting Unemployment and temporary welfare.

Everyone knows someone–usually at the periphery of their circle–engaged in welfare fraud and faking disabilities. When I went to jury duty, a woman who worked for a company which sold motorized carts described ‘sick’ people literally springing into the dealership to get a taxpayer-funded cart. Everyone I know has at least one story of some vermin in line at the grocery, buying hundreds of dollars of steak and salmon with an EBT card, then hopping into a brand-new Caddy. Don’t get me started on the fucktards at the IRS, who sent refund checks to inmates in prison, and in one case, 2,300 people living at one address.

I shouldn’t have to resort to watching Charles Bronson kill The Giggler to calm down.  But that’s where we are as a nation.

American Idol and the unrelated shit job

Monday, 7 March 2011

Why is American Idol even a contest?

In every city they find at least 3 gifted singers with minor vocal “flaws” that are undetectable by 99% of the listening public.

When a winner is “crowned” the rest of the finalists go on an American Idol Tour, and not a few times the runners-up and “losers” end up more popular and  famous than the winners.

No losers, no contest.

Speaking of hapless losers, for some reason, the shit job has grown even shittier the past few days.  The asshole boss came back from a national meeting an even bigger asshole than when he left.  For two days he’s been in everyone’s face, complaining.  One of our best workers, after listening to his undeserving shit, said, ‘What the hell’s the matter with you?”

“I’ll tell you what’s the matter, I’m tired of bad customer service!”

This is a biz that scrambles to kiss the ass of every customer no matter how much they lie, curse and steal from us.  As a fellow worker succintly put it, “Some of these customers are swearing at me from the first word, then run off to Management, which immediately caves in to their demands.  We’re rewarding customers for being assholes.”

I hate the shit job but have nothing but admiration and even love for my fellow employees.  I’m amazed at how much we give in this thankless environment.  It’s our own Vietnam, only instead of battling Charlie and our own government, we’re warring against shitbirds and clueless managment.

Management lives in a vacuum, it’s a univeral constant.  I can understand the need and desire to turn a profit, but they make it harder on themsevles and us by ignoring reality, and right now the reality of the world is it’s shittier than usual.  The jug-eared muslim-lover is busy golfing while the Middle East burns.  Even before gas prices were soaring, no one was spending money and the suckdick libmedia still refuse to tie this to fear of our own unstable government.  People aren’t fools, they don’t invest and hire when unpredictable, lawless thugs are in charge.  So once again, a hearty Fuck You to anyone who voted for The Kenyan and anyone who watches American Idol and still believes it’s a contest.

The US Military: now with gay lamb cannons

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It seems gays will finally be allowed to OPENLY SERVE in the military, another case of an asshole liberal activist judge overriding the will of the people.

Folks, it doesn’t matter whether you’re for openly-serving gays in the military or not:  when judges legislate from the bench and override processes set in place to properly change laws, that is called ‘tyranny’.

You can stop reading now if you wish, the major flaw with this corrupt decision has just been exposed.

Still here?  OK.

My problem with openly-serving gays in the military isn’t gays…it’s the patently dishonest way the politically-correct subversives will downplay and hide results IF the results of this experiment are not positive.  They’ve already done this with women in the military.  I’m not saying there shouldn’t be women in the military, but I AM saying I doubt there will ever be an honest accounting of all the additional expenses and problems caused by the presence of women.

With the arrival of ‘open-gay’ soldiers, the list of problems is just unfurling.  Expect reports of unwanted sexual advances and harassment (already a problem with women around) to increase.  How about gay soldiers who contract HIV while in the service, further burdening the strained military medical system?  AIDS drugs and care ain’t cheap.  Another even more pressing problem is living arrangements…if gays can’t legally marry, can the military make a non-military partner a spouse in government housing?

And last but not least, the US Thugverment long ago “solved” the problem of natural human inequality by making every other lifeform except the Straight White Male a protected species, subject to preferential treatment.  Now we can finally add poo-pushers to the list (surely there’s already an LGBT Celebration Month already in the works) right below the protected-class muslim vermin that shot up Fort Hood and got away with it because a few smart cowards didn’t want to jeopardize their careers and be labeled RACISTS.

The legitimate purpose of the military is to kill people (enemies) and break the enemies’ shit ’till the enemy don’t want to fight no more.  The obamateurs (and to an extent, their predecessors) have turned our killing machines into legally-bound goodwill ambassadors who now have to play by all sorts of rules that only get them killed, or court-martialed when they do the right thing and ignore them.  Now you’ve got Pussy on the left and Faggy to the right, in addition to Diaperhead and his rocket launcher hiding just over the next rock outcropping, and you can be court-martialed for hurting ANY of their feelings.

I’m already looking forward to the absolute slaughter of taxocrats this November 2nd…if this gay nonsense enrages even more voters to eject the commie bastards then hoo-rah.