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Beat like a clod of mud at the track

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I got so excited about having the next 9 days off in a row starting tomorrow and ending with Xmas Day, I slept only 3 hours last night. The night before that I dreamed I was killing terrorists, stabbing them and biting their ears off.

Right now it’s nearly midnight and I’m exhausted, but being web-addicted, still wanted to poke around.

Earlier this eve I went to Worst Buy, the electronics superstore that smells like burning TVs. The selection of software was disappointing and the cameras were still priced too high.

There were some weirdos in there, real mutants, but so few I just felt bad there wsn’t more of a shopping crowd.

Our asshole government has people scared shitless. As long as they show a willingness to violently tamper with the economy, people won’t trust it, or them, or spend money freely. Nor should they.

I was tired enough during the day that I was already seeing things jump at the corners of my vision. I looked up from a row of uninspiring games into the wide-eyed face of a woman on the other side of the rack and nearly screamed; she would’ve scared the crap out of me if I hadn’t already dropped a horn-shaped turd an hour before.

With the last of my wakefulness I drove to Wal-Mart, which was lively while I wasn’t. They didn’t have squat and I left without buying anything. I’d been hyped to get GTA IV but the PC version sucks, requiring a monster machine to run smoothly.

I’m exhausted and am now getting out of here.

Let your guard down and they change the layout

Monday, 8 December 2008

I’m back after a short-long hiatus from Meatlights, during which Turdpress apparently has been tinkering with their layouts.

I done been writing while away but the craptop I was using would overheat and shut off randomly, so I used that as an extra excuse not to post anything.

Now I’ve got a kickass new DELL machine. It’s terrifying. Fast. Vast. I didn’t necessarily want a new machine; tech-wise I’ve always only needed the writing-equivalent of a vehicle to make it 3 blocks to the 7-11…a moped or bicycle would have sufficed. Instead I now have the equivalent of a Stryker.

So far I don’t mind the Vista OS but it’s complicated: a frightened Hollywood forced the Winddurrs folks to put all kinds of copyright protection on DVDs read by Windurrs machines. Doesn’t affect me as I’m not big on burning music, and the best protection against theft of Hollywood product is that 99% of it is unwatchable shit.

Right now Vista isn’t selling too well but will eventually. Lots of privacy issues with it but then privacy is all but gone, not a “right” any more than gay “marriage” is a “right”.

In wealthier countries there’s a panoply of technological distractions to keep you from facing yourself and your own problems.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this one, ha ha ha.