The real America is long gone


food stamp collectors
welfare cheats
medicare fraudsters
corrupt, racist attorney generals
fake indians (warren aka Dances with marxism)
bureaucrats by the BARRELFUL!
19,000 newly hired IRS agents
criminals of all kinds
illegal aliens/amnesty hopefuls
election RIGGERS
people who love paying exciting new taxes
sissies who think Europe has the best ideas (yet won’t move there)
hollywood filth
gun control advocates
piss-gargling mayors who ban large soda sups
union thugs
Government Motors and the failed Volt
people who like another 6 trillion added to the national debt
people who like submitting their personal health records to the IRS, every year, from now on
government school propagandists
Chinese and other global dictators
the non-FOX media
pseudo-intellectual eggheads who eschew facts and data
people ready for revolution within the next four years


California (deserves destruction)
Detroit (already destroyed)
people who pay federal income taxes
people who enjoy(ed) the best health care system in the world (now over)
people who enjoy(ed) freedom
people who value liberty and individual rights
businesses owners making more than$250K a year
businesses owners making less than $250K a year
Second Amendment supporters
unemployed who want to work
late-night “comedians” (not allowed to make fun of the Chosen One)
people not ready for revolution within the next four years


How did this loathsome cunt squeak by when he should have been crushed like Carter? Answer: there are now more takers than makers in America; massive unemployment and falling behind in a global economy are never worries for parasites living off the welfare state.



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