MORE Musings on Dexter, Season 7–Warnin’–Speculation Ahead

There have to be families out there that are more fucked up than us, but I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna meet ’em.

—Debra Morgan

I kind of regret this earlier post about Dexter, because speculation kills the fun (and I hate being wrong).

Going over my own previous points to ready for Episode 4 and beyond (for the sake of my own Dark Passenger):

I hated Gamer Guy from the start, solely because he resembles the mop-topped nerd from Big Bang Theory, which I hate. Gamer Guy the character is pretty good though, most sociopaths are like him, not killers (for now) but still very petty and destructive.

I was totally caught off guard by the hard, sad u-turn for Louis.  I felt bad for him.  Both he and I never saw it comin’ and now he’s ‘getting his mail from the groudhog’. Gone too soon.

Pretty Boy starts a ‘relationship’ with the stripper to get inside info.  She’s as good as dead when Eurogangster learns of it.

Not really a Nostradamus-level prediction.  For now we just don’t know who’s zoomin’ who.

Eurogangster Isaac will acquire the video from the airport and see Dexter wheeling Victor away.

I was wrong about the method of discovery but the result is the same:  Euro has Dex’s number.

Dex will see Debra naked, at least through the glass. They’re going to kiss.

I still think we’re going to get the Deb (frosted) nude scene. The absurd scene where Dex and Batista get the DNA from the little blonde slut (who wins points with me for using the word ‘cactii’) is the catalyst. We haven’t seen the last of her, she’s going to be the new love interest for Dex (and reignite Deb’s feelings, this time with fierce jealousy).

At some point, an event will occur that will put Deb in Dex’s corner. Perhaps a hated criminal will walk, and she will unleash him on the bad guys.

Well, that didn’t take long. Nicely done in Episode 3 (“Buck the System”)

Jamie will be killed.

Collateral damage, maybe?  Something for Batista to get pissed about?

Masuka will almost be killed.

Yes, almost.

LaGuerta ???

I don’t want it to happen, but LaGuerta will likely be killed off, after confronting Dex or just after figuring it all out.

The Big Boss villain, the Eastern European gangster, is fairly generic so far. When an evil character says very little and acts politely, it means s/he is secretly very deadly…

Isaac the EuroGangster is here to stay. In the real world, he would stage a death squad to wait for Dex to return home and that would be the end of it. I haven’t seen Ep. 4 yet but as it’s titled “Run” I assume Dex will be warned and…go on the run, with Deb having to become a kind of ‘Chloe’ to Dex’s ‘Jack Bauer’.

An alternate plot would be Isaac, in a role reversal, losing his killer edge as he becomes intrigued with Dexter…but they already sort of did that with Miguel.  I just don’t know.   And the douchebag club owner guy that looks like “Iron Eagle”? IT’S IRON EAGLE!

All right, that’s it.  If I write again about Dexter it won’t be till after Episode 7.





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