4 Responses to “The Commie Tech Titans”

  1. vanitylicenseplate Says:

    Yes, WordPress is part of the “deplatforming” mob. They are taking down every alt-Right blog they can find, as soon as some bedwetting SJW squeals about it to them.

    • meatlights39 Says:

      Thank you for your comment. The only ways to solidly speak freely are to publish a book and…well, that’s it.

      There’s no longer any assurance online content of any kind is protected, whether you’re paying to host your own site or not.

  2. BobT Says:

    As cell and landline telephone service between nodes is entirely over the internet trunks, no privacy exists from anyone who has passwords and access to the servers of the internet. With the entry of a password on an authorized server anyone’s cellular or landline phone communications can be tapped, rerouted or cut off with the click of a mouse.
    The Tesla Starlink satellite phone system is no help as the satellites are licensed by government agencies such as (USA) FCC and NOAA, coordinated by an intergovernmental compact organization.
    You can be certain that en/decryption codes are mandated to be shared with certain government agencies.
    Governments operate letter mail monopolies not only for revenue purposes but chiefly for spying on communications. X-ray analysis and computer unscrambling of written and photographic contents of envelopes has made steaming open and resealing of envelopes obsolete. You can be sure that if your mail has been physically opened and resealed that it is done to rattle your cage, to ensure that you know that you are being spied on.

    • meatlights39 Says:

      Thank you for your “meaty” comments, Bob.

      Going forward, privacy will be like personal security: whatever you can afford.

      Governments will use any tech available to spy on citizens, with or without warrants. Bleeding-edge spy technology 20 years ahead of what is publicly acknowledged is no doubt being tested on us.

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